Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Miss Rose Product Received!

Good Day ,

Here are the newly receive sample from Miss Rose straight from Dubai.

Shiny 8 Colour Eye Shadow + Mascara

Shiny 8 Colour Eye Shadow + Perfect Eyeliner

Compact Wet Eye Shadow + Perfect Eyeliner + Mascara

Compact Wet Eye Shadow

Shiny 8 Colour Eye Shadow

Mascara Waterproof 12ml

Perfect Eyeliner

Those are the sample. For more pic please Contact us directly at this email..


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Monday, July 20, 2009

New Product by HH Marketing.

Good Day ,

Here are the latest product that is being distributed to all dealer in Malaysia by HH Marketing.

Korean Crystal Bracelet

Korean Crystal Necklace

Those are the only sample we can provide at the moment..if you want to look at all the sample picture or want to know about the prices..please do not hesitate to contact me at my email..


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HH Management Team.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Miss Rose Eye Shadow

Good Day..

Here are the latest item that we have in stock.

Miss Rose Wet Eye Shadow

  • Miss Rose Wet Eye Shadow.
  • 40 different colour to choose.
  • Made in Dubai and export to France for marketing purpose.
  • HALAL. (No animal whatsoever thing are used..)
  • Long lasting.
  • Price RM75 per item.
  • Bundle price (contact for detail..)

**Good solds are not returnable.
**Receiving will be 10 days after ordering. (Depends on destination to send..)

Regards ,


Monday, July 6, 2009

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Friday, July 3, 2009

PayPal - Register Here!!

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For those who wants to start your business online you need a Paypal account number to make your business online much more easier.

Just click on the Logo above to register..

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Priority Pass Good??or Bad??

Good Day to all readers..

The Priority Pass..for those that holds a Platinum Credit Card or Higher Ranks Credit Card from Banks and travel overseas frequently must have heard or use the Priority Pass..the question is..Was it worthy to use such High Class Card like this or not?

Most Private Lounge in world wide airport said its "Complimentary" lounge use to enter with the Priority Pass Card and can bring "Unlimited Guest" with the card..but please dont be fooled by the words "Complimentary" and "Unlimited Guest" because there maybe a hidden charges from the Priority Pass itself (or in certain cases from the bank that issue you the Priority Pass..)

Base on my experince with the Priority Pass 80% passenger that go in to certain lounge will be charge..and will be charge approximately around USD24 - USD27 per guest / per entry.

But it was all depends on what type of Membership u join with the Priority Pass.There are 3 types of membership avaiable.Below are the membership that i copy and paste for all reader perspection. :-

Our Membership Plans
With Priority Pass you have access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide and a choice of three membership plans to suit your particular traveling needs.
Whichever plan you choose, Priority Pass provides access to airport lounges at a significant saving over business class fares.

Standard Membership

This low cost plan is designed for the traveler who wants the security of access when needed with a low annual fee - just US$99. After a visit to a participating lounge a fee of just US$27 per person, per visit is charged to the member’s designated payment card.
Annual Fee: US$99
Member Visit Fee: US$27
Guest Visit Fee: US$27

Standard Plus Membership

This plan incorporates Standard Membership with 10 member lounge visits included - for an annual fee of just US$249. After the free visits have been used, each visit is charged at US$27 per visit to the member's designated payment card.
Annual Fee: US$249
Member Visit Fee: 10 Visits FREE then US$27
Guest Visit Fee: US$27

Prestige Membership

Designed for the frequent traveler who would prefer to make a one-off payment to gain access to lounges. For as little as US$399 free access to all the participating lounges in the program is available as often as required.
Annual Fee: US$399
Member Visit Fee: All visits FREE
Guest Visit Fee: US$27

Thats all that i can dig up from my experience and from all the feed back i receive from the Priority Pass user itself.

Thanks and Best Regards to all ,

(Important Note's)

- Please do not get angry at the Airport Lounge Staff because they are also like you the card holder didnt know about the hidden charges.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Need Suppliers???

Good Day to all readers..

For those who want to start thier business and seeking for a suplier please do contact me because i can suply you with goods such as Kain Ela for Malay custom Traditional clothting , Pc/Laptop and Software (Contract Basis), Extra Cocuriculum School T-Shirt (Contract Basis), Sports Rim and many more..You can also buy it directly from us.

These are some sample for Kain Manik for Malay Traditional Clothing.

Recommended (Baju Kebaya Moden)





Those are some of the sample that we supply.

For more infomation about the product that we sale you can email me directly to :-

The price for bundle buyer price will be different from the market value shown above.
Example :-

RM85 Market Value
RM75- Bundle Value (Purchase more than 20++)
RM10+ Difference Value!!

Regards ,